Monday, April 27, 2009

ok, so here's the deal...

The reason why I have an organic baby blog, and an organic personal care products online shop is because I am passionate about creating a non-toxic world right now. Not just for future generations, but right now, for all of us, today. It's not that hard really, we all just have to stop buying so much toxic stuff. Stop buying toxic stuff altogether actually. Even the non-toxic stuff usually creates toxins in the packaging, shipping, consuming, disposing cycle... so stop buying so much stuff.

Is now a good time for me to plug my business?

We've recently acquired some baby chickens. We are raising them so that they will make organic free range eggs for us, and amuse us with their chicken shenanigans... anyway, I have been spending a lot of time thinking and researching what to feed them so that they will be nice healthy, happy organic chicks... so for a little while this might become Annie's Organic Baby (Chicken) Blog...

But I digress. I've been thinking about my chicks and thinking about how people sometimes put more effort into keeping their pets healthy than keeping their children (or for that matter themselves) healthy... would you feed your cat a caffeinated cola beverage? would you feed your puppy chocolate milk? I sat next to a couple on an international flight recently who gave their two year old some pepsi and then had to drug him with an antihistamine (which has been banned in a number of countries by the way!) to get him to sleep during the 14 hour flight! (Still digressing, well, just plain ranting now.)

Here's the thing. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on products for your baby's skin (most of which they don't need anyway) then
please do not fall for the mass-marketing machinery of evil multinational companies who will make you feel good about products that use words like "gentle" "calming" soothing" "natural" and "organic" so that you will pay twice as much
as necessary for the same old petroleum-based, preservative-laden, unnecessarily-fragranced items. Really.

Read the labels really really carefully. if you wouldn't eat any of the ingredients then don't buy them. Buy nothing. Use water. use olive oil. They don't need much more. If you want more, then look for a product that is certified organic to food grade standards. There will be a logo from an independent certifying body, such as the USDA. Look for a product that does not contain any essential oils, even if they are organic, most of them are not safe for little babies.

Look for a product that does not contain nut oils (they may be contributing to the increase in nut allergies). There is only one line of baby products that I know of that is certified organic, and has no essential oils or nut oils. That's miessence (which is why that's the only thing that I sell in my online shop). If you know of another line that meets those three essential criteria, then please leave a comment or email me, as I'd love to let people know about them.