Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's not all bad news... there's Sophie la girafe...

I lot of my posts lately have been negative things, like how bad BPA is, how bad Johnson & Johnson baby products are, etc... so I thought I better tell you the good news... there are some nice companies out there who are making safe products for kids :-)

A few weeks ago I took my son to visit our friend Katie from We Heart Books (a fantastic blog and online shop that reviews and recommends books for kids) who had a stall at the Magnolia Square Market when it was in Melbourne. He fell in love with Sophie la girafe aka Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie is a french childhood icon. According to the lovely ladies from Les Folies (the Australian distributors of Sophie) she is the only teething toy in the world made from 100% natural rubber and non toxic paint. Sophie is hand made in France today exactly as she was when first produced back in 1961.

You can get Sophie in Australia from Les Folies. The rest of the world can order Sophie the Giraffe on Amazon, where she is the #1 top selling item for babies!

There was lots of other cool stuff at Magnolia Square, I especially loved the recycled designs of Y Knot? and the divinely cute baby clothes (organic cotton and bamboo of course) from Green Bean a New Zealand-based company.

We Heart Books and Y Knot? are at the Magnolia Square event in Sydney that's on now at the teahouse at Randwick Racecourse Friday 3 July 10am-5pm and Saturday 4 July 10am - 4pm ... the first 500 guests each day will receive a goodie bag. Sophie the Giraffe will be back in Melbourne from 6-8 August at the Magnolia Square event at the Malvern Town Hall.


manon said...

Hi Annie!
So happy to see Sophie on your blog: she's been a fixture in our family for a couple of generations.
Whenever I travel back to France, I pick up 4 or 5 as gifts for my mama friends: all babies love her!
I have had funny reactions from people though, such as "why is your baby playing with a dog toy?".
(to which the only answer can be: "because I'm a bitch...")
(just kidding)
I spread Sophie love whenever and wherever I can, and am excited to see you are too!
love to you and your family

Laura said...

Thank you for this info. I am due in September and am concerned about what my baby will put in her mouth. But I know that is a way that babies explore their world and learn textures and such, but I don't want her to put unsafe things in her mouth. I'll have to show this to my husband and maybe we'll get her a sophie giraffe!:)

Yaya said...

Hey there! Love your blog, it goes hand in hand with my own personal beliefs. I have a 6 month old baby girl and she looooooves her Sophie, as well as her organic Keptin Jr teething toy and her organic minimo by Under the Nile. I just figure that buying organic is a small price to pay for utter piece of mind. I also feed her exclusively organic food because as each day goes by you hear more and more about the terrible things that farmers use during their farming processes! I'm also starting a baby products business of my own, and am using organic and natural fabrics wherever possible. Feel free to check out my blog if you like:
Keep up your great work, this world needs more people to spread the word about the benefits of organic and natural products!!!!

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Hi Annie,

My son, Noah Finn, LOVES Sophie! I mean really, a lot like "manon", Sophie is also one of our family members!

I just found your blog and I am so glad that I did.

I have an organic home made baby food blog...perhaps we can exchange recipes from time to time?

love, love
Joni :)

willotoons said...

I was thinking about stocking some Sophies in my shop! Great to hear they get your stamp of approval.


Melissa Ellen (Making Honey) said...

Next time you're at Magnolia Sqaure you'll have to come visit us, we're only a few doors down. We love Sophie la girafe too!! My husband and I also detoxed before our baby, so glad someone is writing about our passion is making lots of non-toxic toys available for children and spreading the word about this important issue. Look forward to reading more from your blog...

Sakura Hasegawa said...

I have a 9 month old son who is very prone to allergies and skin irritations when he was younger. On our visit to the pediatrician, she advised me to purchase organic baby products because they are safer for the baby. It turned out dyes in the clothes can cause allergies. The usual toys also have BPA in them and phthalates which are very harmful for the baby.

Thanks for sharing this with other people to let them know how important it is to buy organic products instead. They are more expensive but worth our children's health.

Renee said...

Yes, my baby loves her Sophie. Thanks for sharing and telling others about this awesome product!

Organic Baby Presents said...

This is one of the first things I bought for my baby. I really like your blog. You are a big help to all mothers.

January said...

Organic baby products are so important. We were given an old mattress from my brother and almost used it but my husband and I discovered it was a much better idea to purchase a new organic crib mattress as the one we were given wasn't a perfect fit for our baby's crib and we were also concerned about some minor tears in the mattress. In the end we bought an organic mattress because we wanted the best for our baby and she'll be sleeping on it for several years.