Friday, February 13, 2009

I have to post this to claim my blog on Technorati

All I wanted to do was leave a comment on my friend Rebecca's Blog. But she uses coComment, so I thought I'd better sign up for that. Then they asked if I have a twitter account, which I do, but barely use it, so I had to remember my password for that. Then coComment said I had to join Technorati to "claim my blog"... so I did that, but then they didn't recognize my blog, so I had to do this silly post linking to my Technorati Profile.

Sometimes the internet drives me mad. I'm already a little bit ADD, so I get distracted very very easily... I wasn't even coming online to check Rebecca's blog, or comment on it, I was supposed to my posting on my own blog, which I have in the end, but not on the topic I meant to (which was, by the way, going to be titled "I have to stop performing such scientifically useless experiments" or something like that... it had to do with having my mercury fillings removed and detoxing etc, but it will have to wait for another day!).

While I'm doing this ridiculous post, I might as well shamelessly plug my latest newsletter.

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