Wednesday, March 24, 2010

why I love working from home

I'm having one of those weeks that makes me really appreciate my decision to work mostly from home. Firstly, my 4 year old has been sick for the last 5 days and counting :-( Nothing too serious, but enough that he hasn't been able to go to preschool. I love that I can keep him home with me, and let him recover in his own time, without having to pump him full of antibiotics to make sure he can get back to school and I can get back to work. Instead he is doing nicely with homeopathy and home-made (organic of course) chicken broth...

Although I must admit, I'm feeling a little funny about the chicken broth since we are now the proud owners of 3 chickens... another reason I'm glad to be working from home. It's been so nice being able to wander outside throughout the day, checking to see if the hens have laid any more eggs in their nest hidden away in the corner of our veggie garden... collecting the brown and speckled eggs while they are still warm, and eating them fresh the day they were laid. I love this life! I'm also saving about $20/week that I was spending on organic eggs.

The other half of why I love working from home is the nature of what I do... I love my "job" so much it hardly seems fair to call it a "job"... it's more of a lifestyle that happens to bring me an income. I am an Independent Representative of ONE Group, the makers of miessence certified organic products. This means I have my own website where people can choose from over 100 certified organic skin, hair, body, health, household and baby products and have them shipped directly to their door almost anywhere in the world. (And I don't have to do the shipping which is great).

The best part is that I get to train and support a team of like-minded reps around the world who have their own reasons for wanting to create an ethical and sustainable income from home and to help increase the availability of certified organic alternatives to toxic everyday products. I spend most of my "working" time talking, skyping, emailing and meeting with wonderful people who are passionate about health, the environment and making the world a better place.

Just this week my team has grown to include a Pharmacist in Ireland who ordered certified organic baby powder to sell in his Pharmacy in County Cavan, a massage therapist in West Virginia, and a raw food enthusiast in Phoenix Arizona. And all this while spending time looking after my son, making sure he is getting sunshine and rest and fresh organic food while he's home sick.

If I was still a lawyer I would have been stressed about taking time off work, stressed about clients who needed me and stressed about letting down my colleagues. Instead I am grateful that I can be there for my family when they need me and still support a team of reps who have ended up becoming dear friends while we are trying to make the world a safer and better place. I really am very lucky :-)


Doreen Carvotta said...

congratulations I admire your strength and focus to move this along I too left the corporate world to be more aligned to the world

Claudia in Munich said...

I'm not sure I could heart you any more!

Two weeks ago, I visited family in Northern Germany. I stayed for a week and was inspired by my aunt and her collection of 5 chickens. I watched as every morning my uncle when out to check and see how many new eggs were there. I learned as they showed me that each chicken had its own signature style - some laid brown eggs, some white, some spotted, some small, etc etc -

What was even more interesting in reading this NYT article was that the idea of owning a few chickens is revolutionary in CA right now (

In some ways I think it's a shame everyone doesn't know how to feed themselves sustainably - I certainly don't - my aunt has had chickens since she was a child in the 40s in rural Poland. I've only had cats and dogs.

It's inspiring to see you reclaim principles of healthy living that have stood the test of time.

Annie said...

I heart you too Claudia! Thanks for the lovely comment, and for linking to the article in the NYT, which totally cracks me up (and pretty much sums me up) - I love the title - "The Femivore’s Dilemma" and the title of a book they mention by Shannon Hayes, a grass-fed-livestock farmer in upstate New York and author of “Radical Homemakers,” a manifesto for “tomato-canning feminists,” which was published last month. Must get a copy :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I would love to have chickens. Hopefully I will get them in my next house.
Good on you for taking a huge leap and working for yourself. The benefits truely do outway the risks especially when you can provide more attention to your family.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi Annie! Thanks SO much for your lovely comment!
My gosh its EVERYWHERE!!!
How very exciting :)
Thanks for letting me know!
I'm trying to collect them all and as I'm not from that area, I was wondering if I emailed you my postal address if you'd mind picking one up for me and posting it?
I'd of course be more than insistent to pay for postage and all, I'm just a keep sake person and that'd be so cool to have!

Trish :)