Thursday, July 08, 2010

Watch This!

And then tell me what you think... what products will you stop buying so that THEY will stop making them?


Lisa Sharp said...

Scary right? I use's database all the time.

I have switched to truly natural products. I use water based nail polish (Honeybee Gardens), made in Texas natural make up (Everyday Minerals), and all the body washes and such I use are also natural and largely certified organic.

Ginny said...

I love the video. Informative AND entertaining. Although I have found some of these organic beauty products do contain chemicals. VOC test at .01 ppm is a gret way for a company to prove they are pure. I hope consumer demand will make companies run this $110 test on their products and post for consumers like we did. I hope that I can also get info out there. Carpet is the most contaminated thing in the average American Home, the mattress is number 2. Organic mattresses are in high demand due to consumers learning about the toxic effects of the pthalates and other chemicals in mattresses. However so far, there is a huge discrepancy in how organic a mattress is. Only 1 company, mine, can provide clean test results of their mattress. Also I want peopel to know, that if you have carpet, there is a company making a barrier to protect you from those toxic fumes. It is AFM Safecoat. I used them to seal my carpet.

Tracy said...

We here at have the same feelings as yourself. We actually blogged about a similiar thing just a week short days ago. Love the site.