Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm feeling overwhelmed...

I had a bit of a breakdown the other night. You know when something little starts you off crying and you can't figure it out because it's not really such a big deal, so you know there must be something deeper going on? Well that happened and when I scratched the surface (while blubbering away to my DH) I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the decisions that I need to make about purchases for our family and how to make the safest possible choices...

Just to give you an example, since we have a 4 year old boy and a baby due in three months we need:

-new shoes and socks for the 4 year old who's feet just keep growing and growing - the problem is, I can't seem to find organic cotton socks in the 4-6 sizes... they all seem to be for babies and toddlers or bigger kids and adults... any suggestions??? Also, my osteopath just told me that you have to be careful with kids shoes because the leather often has excess chromium in it that gets released when kids sweat and then gets absorbed through their feet... Ack!

- A booster seat for the four year old and a baby capsule - I want to make sure they are safe crash-wise but also chemical-wise, ie not filled with flame retardants, formaldehyde, off-gassing foams, heavy metals etc... we would like to get a newer (ie safer, more efficient) car too, but that's a whole 'nother topic!

- I'd like to use more cloth nappies (Australian for diaper) this time around, but there are so many to choose from!

- I'm thinking about replacing all of our mattresses with organic cotton ones.

- you get the idea... each of these decisions requires careful research, to make sure that they are safe and affordable. In the US there are lots of great websites that do a lot of the background work for you, but sadly most of the recommended brands aren't available in Australia ... which leaves me with basically a full time job evaluating the safest options.

Soooo... please fill out the poll I've added in the top right corner of the blog and let me know what you want to hear about most, and please leave any suggestions for brands/websites/ideas that you love/trust.

Thanks :-)


Kelly said...

I feel your frustration, wait till your kids are @ 7 or so and then you won't be able to buy organic clothes for them :( As I was told by one organic clothing coimpany "boys all wear football shirts at that age!"... erm...not mine!

As for your specific worries...

Sock: Socks do stretch, if he is nearer size 4 go one size down if nearer 6 go one size up, my youngest never had a pair of socks that fit him for years (he liked to wear his brothers socks and pull them up like spatts lol) so long as nothing rubs its fine.

Shoes: Don't buy leather! Go for canves shoes and rubber welluies. All leather is dyed with nasties and cotton breaths.

Car seats and matresses. I doubt you'll get away from the flame retardant in car seats, get a good quality cotton sheet to go over the top of it (cutting holes for the straps) and keep car journies to a minimum. Also only replace the matresses when you need to, in the meantime, again, good quality covers under the sheets will protect.

Its easy to get overwhelmed but remember just how much you ARE doing for your children, don't get hooked up on what you have little control over :) x

Mary said...

some websites you may be interested in:-

Melanie Mader said...

We have twins Jack and Lilly and I often feel overwhelmed. You just have to realize your human and your doing the best you can. As far as organic products sold in Australia here are two good ones:

Good luck.

Jacquie said...

It's all really overwhelming, isn't it? I feel exactly like you do, and tend to over think sometimes, but can only do the best that I can.

I've managed to buy some organic beddings (mattress, sheets, blankets) for my expected baby, and a few organic clothes but the cost is too much to do it all, so I've made sure to wash twice and rinse twice. I'm also in favour of pre-loved clothes - less chemicals as they've been washed a few times before, plus I'm contributing less to the production of new ones (I hope!).

Carseat is standard, but he'll be in the car for a short time and we will not be travelling in the car alot I'm airing it out as much as possible, so the smells aren't as strong when the time comes to use it.

Will be wearing him a lot too, as pushchairs are another worry - the smells are just too synthetic, sigh, cannot bear to put him in one for a whole hour or more as we take a walk in the parks/woods - I'd rather he be on me.

It sure is a full time job, but we can only do our very best and hope all is well.

Kaitlin said...

Hi! I have some friends who just started a great little company called Violet Rain Organics (like Purple Rain...cute huh) that sells organic baby clothes. They are focusing on onesies right now, but should be expanding in a bit. They are really green, all organic and have adorable graphics on their products.

Feel free to check them out, and if you like them you should contact them!

Donna MacMullin said...

Hi Annie,

I love your blog and can identify with a lot of these same things as a mum myself...it was also the motivation for my own business.

I invite you and your readers to visit

I put a lot of research into the products I carry, and everything is eco-friendly, certified organic, toxin-free and fair trade.

I carry organic clothing for kids up to age 5, but am hoping to expand my offerings in the new year.

All the best, and thanks for sharing your insights.


Claudia in Budapest said...

Hi again :) You know what I like to do when I'm feeling overwhelmed? Engage in a little "downward social comparison". Perhaps it is politically incorrect but it works for me! Just think of what you HAVE accomplished! So many others just sit back on their laurels when it comes to seeking out the organic life - but not you! Your blog, your products, your home, your research and all of the accumulated knowledge! So much more than others! Go easy on yourself - you're making a human! That's pretty organic if I may say so!

Baby Body Beauty Organics said...

omg i have had so many days like that lately. I had to buy my little man a new big boys bed, and i was reading all about the off gassing and the flame retardants, and neurotoxic chemicals... i ended up in a tizz, i went to a normal bed shop and they laughed at e for asking about chemicals.. then i bought a normal bed. i still have slight panic attacks about this :(