Sunday, November 05, 2006

while my organic baby sleeps...

my beautiful organic baby boy is asleep :) he has a cold at the moment, so he is waking up a lot, and I am loath to let him cry for very long since he sounds so pathetic with his raspy cough. I am feeling a bit frustruated about he and I having been sick so much lately... isn't one of the benefits of being organic and breastfeeding so much that we shouldn't get sick? Under normal circumstances, probably, but we have been doing so much travelling the last few months that our sleep and eating habits have been rather disrupted, and it's a bit of a vicious cycle to break through since I am so run down now... I had an acupuncture treatment today and I think that helped... I was able to sleep while bob (beautiful organic baby/boy) had his afternoon nap... part of my problem had been that I couldn't sleep during the day, when I usually catch up on sleep... I had too much going on in my head and it took too long to wind down... (more on that later). I'm starting to feel tired now, so I'm going to get ready for bed!!!

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