Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why I’m still buying (organic of course) bananas…

For those of you not living in Australia, I must explain that due to extensive banana crop damage from Cyclone Larry in March this year, the price of bananas in Australia has gone way up to $AU12-14/kilo (that’s approximately $US1.50/banana). Because of this bananas have become a luxury item and many people have rationed them or stopped eating them altogether. I think this is so funny, given how many other things we are willing to spend two dollars (or more on), like a chocolate bar, or a coffee, and what an amazingly yummy and nutritious, not to mention conveniently packaged, food the banana is… to me this is representative of so many choices we make about our health and our spending habits… about what is affordable, and what is a luxury, about what is convenient and what’s too much trouble. There are so many ways that we can change our habits to make us healthier, and to have more money to spend on important things (like organic food) and stop wasting our money and the environment by buying over-packaged, over-processed things that we don’t really need (like take-away coffees in throw away containers!!!!). Besides, when I did the big detox I realised that I had more energy when I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages anyway! One good thing about the price of bananas going up is that organic and conventional bananas are now the same price, so there’s no excuse not to go organic! Even better, my local organic shop sells the bananas at half price when they are looking a bit over the hill, but they still taste great :)

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