Sunday, February 17, 2008

My organic baby is no longer a baby... that's what happens when you don't post for over a year!

Wow, I thought it had only been a few months since I last posted, but it has been over a year... how time flies! My beautiful organic baby is now a beautiful organic boy. As much as I still call him my baby (and probably always will), the signs are mounting daily that he is growing up. He did a poo in the potty yesterday and today (with the help of a little bribery... still not sure how I feel about that, will keep you posted). And, when I was at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne this morning, there was a distinct lack of organic "baby" clothes that would fit him...

This is something I was discussing with the owner of a company called Sahara Bloom that makes beautiful bamboo clothes, including baby clothes... so soft and gorgeous it made me want to have another baby, but instead I settled for a tank top and some socks for me. Anyway, I was saying that the market is being flooded with eco-friendly, organic/hemp/bamboo etc clothes and accessories for babies, but the supply really dries up as soon as you hit size 2 or 3. It's funny how we think babies need the purest, most non-toxic products available, but when it comes to ourselves, or older children, somehow the ordinary, synthetic chemical-laden options become ok again? I don't think so! As I become ever-more aware/concerned about synthetic chemicals in our everyday lives, I find it harder to buy "normal" products for myself or my family. Sometimes this is liberating, because a lack of choice can make life much easier... I think having too many options to choose from can be paralyzing/exhausting... but trying to find safe, natural, durable, affordable alternatives can also be paralyzing and exhausting, especially when the products you are looking for don't exist, or are hard to find, or require doing breathtaking amounts of research to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your family and the planet!

That's why I'm hoping to share some of my thoughts/research on conscious consumption (and avoiding consumption), especially when it comes to babies and children!

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