Thursday, February 28, 2008

reading and playing with children is soooo important!

Thanks for the beautiful Viraja for forwarding this link to a National Public Radio story about the importance of old-fashioned playtime with our kids, including imaginative play, active play, and reading aloud together. This is something I've been reading lots about lately, so will post more soon.

2 comments: said...

I really enjoyed reading this link, thanks!

One of my favourite blogs is Amanda Soule is a fantastic inspiration for the world of creative play.

And I'm passionate about the joys and benefits of reading aloud to kids from an early age. It's at the core of my blog,

Potentilla said...

I agree with you about the benefits of reading to babies. I wonder have you seen this site about very young children learning to read themselves, at the same time that they are learning to talk? It's a website for a book by a stay-at-home dad who taught his kids to read before they were three. I've been looking for a review of it online.